Extracurriculars in San Marcos

Our visit in Honduras was not all official medical and dental business. Here are some of the fun things we did before- and after-hours.


Gordon and Warren organized early morning hikes for anyone who was interested. On the first day, the idea of getting up at 4:45am to hike in the dark sounded muy loco to me, but I did join them for some of the easier hikes on subsequent days. On the second day I walked with the group (and an accompanying soldier), we walked past the very nice home of a local family. A couple, likely in their 50s, approached their gate: they recognized us as part of the medical brigade. The woman had a bandaged foot and was limping a bit. She asked Warren to look at her foot, which he did. After his consultation was over, her husband walked over to a tree in the yard and brought Warren this as a thank-you gift:


While I would often curse myself at the beginning of each hike for not staying in bed, by the time the sun started to rise, the views became worth it.




Heather and I took it upon ourselves to teach Teresa yoga so that we could stretch out our muscles that were tight from hiking and (for me) lawn chair oral surgery. Our first session occurred after dinner in the dark on the porch near the storage room. We had a lot of fun, but probably not as much fun as the local kids watching the stupid gringas contort themselves into weird positions wearing headlamps in the dark.


Sampling local products

As said before, a Salva Vida (or Port Royal, which I don’t like quite as much) at the end of the work day was a nice way to unwind.


Group toothbrushing

In the mornings and before bed, many of us would gather around the main water cistern to brush our teeth, sometimes inadvertently to the entertainment of locals watching on the other side of the fence.

Sorry guys, no photos of that one :).

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