Fish spa freakout

In its spare time, Cyprinion macrostomus enjoys swimming, nibbling on dead skin, and listening to Andy Williams Christmas carols at the Kuala Lumpur central market.

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5 thoughts on “Fish spa freakout

  1. cool pictures. Are you now an expat? Have you thought about hanging in Asia for a few years before moving back to the US? And yes , keep those pictures coming!

    • Jing! Hey! Where are you???

      No, no expat status for me. I love to travel, but I also love living in the US. Plus, as great as it would be to hang out in Asia for a few more years, I do have to work to be able to afford to travel. And dentistry is not the most mobile of professions ;). Two more weeks of international exploration, and then I’m back to the States. Looking forward to Christmas at home and seeing all my friends and family again.

      • I am in NYC and plotting my escape plan. It’s been raining, snowing and the freezing cold is unbearable. The vortex is going to kick in and hopefully I’ll be somewhere nice and warm. Isn’t there a program dentist without borders or something similar? yes, more pics and more pics.


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