On the road again

Happy belated New Year, everyone!  The past month in Cleveland has been a restful one (perhaps more restful than I anticipated due to delays in getting my Ohio driver’s license!)  But at least I have had plenty of time to open my ten month’s worth of accumulated mail, find most of the important stuff (like winter clothes) that I had packed away and stored in my parents’ house after relocating, and resume my Spanish studies.

However, I can’t pass up an opportunity to squeeze in some more travel.  I’m using an upcoming dental conference in Boston as a chance to take some continuing education courses while catching up with friends the rest of the week.

And then I’m traveling coast-to-coast by train. 🙂

Starting in Boston, I’ll take Amtrak overnight to Chicago, where I’ll be visiting some friends and family.  From there, another overnight trip on the train will bring me to Denver to hang out with Megan, who studied Spanish with me in Guatemala.  A final overnight -the longest leg- will end just outside of San Francisco.  After a couple of days with friends there, I’ll take a relative shortcut and fly back to Cleveland.  Really making the most of my multiple frequent flyer accounts here!

I’m looking forward to settling back down and hopefully getting a job in Cleveland or Columbus.  But in the meantime, it will be fun to be able to say that I went around the world and coast-to-coast in the span of one year.

Updates to follow!  (And at some point, yes, I promise, I will get back to writing about Albania).

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One thought on “On the road again

  1. Mary Petelin

    And the adventure continues! Have fun! Be safe!

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