Happy 100!

Hi everyone!

As I published my latest blog post, a little notification from WordPress popped up, informing me that this was my 100th post!  Wow:  that’s a lot of blogging!  Thank you to everyone who continues to read and comment on this site.  It has been such a pleasure to share my travel stories with you.  There is much more to come :).

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6 thoughts on “Happy 100!

  1. Max

    That would make you a b100ger! Keep going, sunshine, I have enjoyed every minute.

    • Thanks, Max. When I first saw your comment, I thought that you called me a “booger,” which I thought was a rather childish insult coming from such a nice person ;). Glad that I read it wrong, LOL! Stay tuned for some photos from Team Orbita in the next post.


    • Thanks, You! Wow, I had no idea that “b100gger” was such a well-known title. One hundred posts in, but still a newbie, I guess :).

  3. Mary Petelin

    Love reading your blogs! Here’s to the next 100! 🍸

    • Thanks, Mary. (Oh that’s weird. I had written after that statement, “toasting you back with a little martini emoticon thingy that I don’t know how to find,” but since I put it in , I did not show up. This is why I do dental work and not code for a living!)

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