Our friends in San Marcos:  A photo essay

A picture is worth a thousand words, and since I have hundreds of photos, I’ll spare you several hundred thousand words and just share some pictures of the lovely people that we visit every year in San Marcos, Honduras. Our military guards liked to pose for “friendly tough guy” shots. Most of the photos of me confirm my status as The Biggest Woman in San Marcos:  Note that for this shot, Teresa and Tomasa are standing on the porch while I stand on the ground.  I greatly prefer this to my Xena, Warrior Princess vibe in the other photos: There are usually a ton of kids waiting outside the gate of the complex (often asking for toothbrushes.  Or more toothbrushes.  Or sunglasses.  Or anything, really).  But this particular group really liked to take photos  -especially silly poses- and check them out on my camera. Of course, I cannot forget to post a photo of David, my favorite little guy in the village.  He has grown up so much in the past two years.  This year, he was often spotted borrowing his dad’s hat and wearing the white tank-and-jeans outfit that his dad typically sports. David has also learned how to dance.  Many nights, he would listen to music on his dad’s cell phone and do his own little salsa moves:

Sometimes I tried to get his attention by dancing along with him.   One evening, I stood a distance away on the porch, doing the chicken dance (“como un pollo!“) and imitating his air guitar moves.  His mouth hung open as he watched me with suspicion and his dad laughed.  I soon noticed that I had a much larger audience:  on the far side of the fence, a group of spectators from the village had gathered to watch me and were roaring with laughter, firmly cementing my reputation in San Marcos as “that big pale dentist who is 100% out of her mind.”

I went with it:  the next morning, I taught all the ladies working in the kitchen how to do the chicken dance.

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One thought on “Our friends in San Marcos:  A photo essay

  1. hi Becky, how are you?
    you are doing really good job, I found the smile of children in Isletas School.
    I remember you while I pray.

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