Adios, amigos!

No send-off of my walking buddy, my kayaking buddy, and my favorite German roommates ever would be complete without a night of karaoke at the Alegre Pub. Yes, you know that a karaoke post was bound to happen sooner or later.






Note: you haven’t lived unless you’ve sung “99 Luftballons” with a pair of Germans.

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4 thoughts on “Adios, amigos!

  1. What a great group. I hope you all keep in touch. Will Ken be back in Germany when you’re there?

    • No, Ken is from the States. Nadine and Miguel (in the white glasses) are the couple with me in the other photo, but they are continuing to travel in Latin America. Megan is second from the left, and I’m meeting her in Antigua soon. And I’m sitting at a cafe right now with Lauren (on the left):). Sorry about the lack of captions: I accidentally hit “publish” too soon and don’t feel like going back to edit!

  2. carlsonken2

    Great photos. You were the true star of the night!

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