After a chilly first night in Boston, I awoke to find the snow continuing to fall heavily outside. The best blizzard days are those that are planned for, and everyone in Jane’s house knew that we would be spending the entire day indoors. We had a very packed schedule.

1. Hearty breakfast
2. Lots of TV; play with the baby
3. Lunch
4. Lots of TV; play with the baby
5. Dinner
6. More TV
7. Bedtime

In proper Bostonian blizzard fashion, we drank Sam Adams while watching and providing commentary to Sons of Liberty, a three-part miniseries that had recently aired on the History Channel. While the show was entertaining, it was not exactly what you could call historically accurate. There were a lot of history buffs in the room, and any disputed plot points or questionable character references were quickly pointed out. There were also two people fact-checking on their phones as we watched ;). Paul Revere had somehow already developed a modern Boston accent, colonial characters said things like, “Put it on my tab,” and Sam Adams morphed from a patriot in his early 50s to a brooding, sexy 20-something. Not that I’m complaining about having to watch him for three hours. But he did look a bit too much like Bret from Flight of the Conchords for me to take him seriously as a historical figure.

I'll have a Sam Adams, please.  ('Cause he's the hiphopopotamus.  His rhymes are bottomless).

I’ll have a Sam Adams, please. (‘Cause he’s the hiphopopotamus. His rhymes are bottomless).

Eliot from ET and John Hancock

Eliot from ET and John Hancock

By the afternoon, we were onto Vikings and then ventured into some weird programs like Big Giant Swords in the evening. I think the only time that I ever watched this much TV was when I had pneumonia. A happy distraction was Alora, who is Jane and John’s baby and possibly the cutest thing in the world. Currently working on her crawling skills, she almost always has a smile on her face.


Snow days can actually be really fun if you are stuck inside with your friends!

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  1. Beck, your blog’s a wicked pissah! Keep up the good work!

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