Hey… you! I know you! I know you!

This is Ashley. We first met in the lobby of the Hotel Honduras Maya in Tegucigalpa while traveling with our respective volunteer brigades. We spoke for maybe five minutes, I gave her my card, and that was it.


It only took us bumping into each other about three different times in Copan Ruinas for one of us to figure out that we had met before. (I give her full credit for this one. Maybe the hot springs fried the facial recognition part of my brain). On the 6am shuttle to Antigua, Guatemala, while we all miserably tried to find comfortable upright sleeping positions against the shoulder blade-high seats, she asked, “Hey, are you the dentist? Toothontheloose?” (Sweet! My name is memorable!)

In short, Ashley is awesome and we spent the next few hours in Antigua having lunch and talking like old friends. She would be meeting up with her boyfriend to travel throughout Guatemala over the next 10 days and expressed interest in meeting up again while at Lake Atitlan.

To be continued!

Bonus points to anyone who gets the title reference. (Not you, Mom :)).

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One thought on “Hey… you! I know you! I know you!

  1. Nick

    Great to have one of those coincidences run-ins when you’re traveling! Thank you for all the great posts I look forward to reading them to break up my workday. Safe travels!

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